Yoga For Trying Times

By Sri Dharma Mittra  In terms of the world today and what the new (U.S.) president may be saying or doing, some people have a lot of fear or concern. What would you recommend for the people who are afraid or worried? Many years ago, I asked my guru: what about the president now? He said […]

Indaba Recap

by Adam Frei It has been four days since we returned from London and somehow it seems to have taken place a few months ago. Sri Dharma said to me at the start of our trip that in a moment it would be over. On our way back to the airport, he said: “You see? […]

Ahimsa and Veganism

by Susan Craig “The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.” Mahatma Gandhi I became a vegan nearly 30 years ago – long before I found Sri Dharma. My decision to stop eating animals was born out of a very hopeless period in my life when I was severely abused. During that darkest […]

Recipe: Raw Vegan Chocolate Caramel Dream Bars

by Karen Fan Makes 8-10 servings For the base: 1⁄4 cup raw walnuts 1⁄2 cup sprouted raw almonds (soaked 24 hours in water and peeled skin) 6 pitted dates 1⁄4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes 2 Tbsp coconut oil, liquid For the almond butter “caramel” filling: 1⁄2 cup spouted raw almonds 2 Tbsp coconut oil 9 […]

Effort as Offering: Changing the way we approach our practice

by Eileen Lorraine My life has gone upside down many times; in my yoga life though, inverting has always eluded me. I came up with many viable reasons for this, blaming my gymnastics teacher who denied me my beloved balance beam until I learned to do multiple backward summersaults on the mat. Yawn. I blamed […]

LOAY Teaching Manual: The Master’s Amazing Teachings and Techniques Are Now Available for Everyone

By Jerome Burdi Sri Dharma Mittra is always passing on knowledge from deep within the wells of his being. It may be hard to grasp, or to remember for some, or maybe some of the words to a mantra are elusive. Since the recent publication of the Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi Teacher’s Manual, […]

Without Compassion, There’s No Yoga in Your Asana

By Garth Hewitt I remember practicing once with Sri Dharma when I first went to check out his classes about six years ago. It was a Master Class, but there were all levels of students in the room. Some of the students were very advanced –far more advanced than I. Some of the students were […]

To Understand “Dharma” as Duty

By Diana Scime-Sayegh We are a society obsessed with “fulfilling our dreams.” However, those dreams are usually ego based—ones of fame, fortune and “having it all.”  Yet many of these dreams cause great suffering when they are not achieved—feelings of failure, FOMO and not being good enough. This then impedes our ability to move forward […]

Vegan Delights

by Tracy Bechtel Wheatberry Green Bean Salad Servings 4 1 cup wheatberries, soaked overnight in water 1 lb green beans* 1 large heirloom tomato*, or any type of tomatoes ¼ cup mint, chopped ¼ cup parsley, chopped 1 avocado, sliced 1-2 lemons, juiced, to taste ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 3-4 large handfuls of salad greens* […]

The Lone Dharma Yoga Teacher in the Desert

By Dani Gray   After my very first Dharma Yoga class in 2010, I knew something profound had happened. Even before the class was over, I kept thinking, “This is not like anything I’ve done before. This isn’t just about ‘becoming more flexible.’ There is something else going on here, and I have to find […]