The Nectar of Dharma Yoga

By Jerome Burdi   Legs behind the head, stand on your forearms, head, and hands… backbend like the gods…practice with devotion…help others…reshape your body and mind…receive the bliss from the ancient psychic practices passed down by the sages to only those who are ready…then enjoy yogic sleep…30 minutes is like a full night’s rest. We […]

A Walden State of Mind

by Barrie Rosencrans You know what they say: sometimes what you’re looking for can be found right in your own back yard. I live in a place called Walden, about an hour’s drive from Cleveland, a serene and idyllic community built to emanate the tranquility and earth-bound Shangri-La made most famous by Henry David Thoreau.  […]

On the Cusp of Transcendence

by Dani Gray During the summer leading up to my 500-hour training, I spent a lot of time at the Dharma Yoga Center. I was living on the Upper West Side, and finding that the only way I really wanted to spend my time was taking class – being around Sri Dharma Mittra as much […]

Reflections on Guru Purnima

By Sandra Lafuente I am writing this on Guru Purnima. There are no words in this physical gross plane that can really depict the gratitude and love I feel for Sri Dharma Mittra, but I will try to use the ones I know that come from the heart. I love him beyond everything that is […]

Dharma at Wanderlust

By Susan Craig Reverence, obedience, self-discipline, vegan, being strict with oneself yet kind and compassionate towards all others, a strong desire for liberation. All of these are phrases that Sri Dharma Mittra uses to describe his no-nonsense approach to the Life of a Yogi. Being serious about yoga and teaching at Wanderlust may seem like […]

Sri Dharma’s Humble Power Helped This Popular Teacher Find His Way

By Jerome Burdi Mark Kan’s reputation preceded him during my 500-hour teacher training at Dharma Yoga Center. Some of his students from London came to learn with Sri Dharma Mittra and they told me about how challenging Mark’s class was. It’s a good thing I like challenges. Mark was one of the mentors during the […]

The Fountain of Wisdom Has Many Spouts

By Jerome Burdi   Honor the man who is awake and shows you the way. Honor the fire of his sacrifice. -Lord Buddha   The summer satsangs have been powerful in New York City with Amma and the Dalai Lama coming to visit. All sorts of spiritual seekers and socialites filled their rooms for divine […]

Crispy Kale with Vegetables Recipe

By Gabriella DiGiovani Before transitioning into eating vegan, we often wonder how we will maintain a varied and interesting diet in light of cutting out certain foods. While it may seem that a vegan diet is restrictive on the surface, we soon discover that this way of eating allows for a great deal of creativity […]

Letting Go of Self-Imposed Limitations

By Barb Cooper I was fortunate enough to attend the Dharma Yoga Center’s immersion weekend in celebration of Sri Dharma’s 76th birthday in May. I hadn’t been back to the DYC in an entire year (I live in Texas) and this year, I went there pretty much spiritually bankrupt, physically depleted, and in ethical conflict. […]

An Opportunity to Serve the One who Serves So Many

By Smita Kumar Sant Kabir wrote this verse to sing the glory of guru and wonders: “If both guru and God were to appear at the door, whose feet will I worship first?” He then adds, “The guru’s feet because without the guru how would I have recognized (known) God?” Two years ago when I […]