The Dharma Yoga Conference will provide a balance of experiential classes in Dharma Yoga, as well as informative panel discussions and meaningful presentations. Sri Dharma Mittra will serve as the main presenter and will share some new and potent programs and practices. Also teaching and presenting will be four senior Dharma Yoga teachers from around the world: Mark Kan from London, UK, Gerson Frau from Brazil who also teaches annually in Mexico, Gabrielle Sulc of Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Sandra Pintaric of Croatia and Eva Grubler, director and co-owner of the Dharma Yoga Center, NYC, USA. Guest presenters will include the original founder (Marcus Antebi) and owners (Erica and Michael Karsch) of Juice Press and Neuro Science PhD candidate and DYRT Jonathan Rosenthal and his colleagues Ryan Shewcraft, PhD Candidate and Juna Bobby, MD. A final Satsang will be offered to honor the 50 years Sri Dharma Mittra has been teaching and sharing yoga with all.