700/1000-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training

The Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi 700-hour Advanced Teacher Training (DY LOAY TT) program is a high level teacher training offered by the DYC. All applicants for this program must have completed the 500-hour DY LOAY TT program and achieved certification, in addition to meeting the program’s entrance requirements listed in the entries above for the 200- and 500-hour DY LOAY TT programs. For those who have completed the 800-hour DY LOAY TT program and achieved certification, a 1000-hour certificate will be issued upon completion. Preference will be given to those who have also completed the 200-hour DY LOAY program.


Please note that the 700-hour DY LOAY TT will be an advanced and intense immersion, and will require an advanced and committed regular practice of all applicants seeking admission. According to Sri Dharma Mittra, applicants must have been practicing yoga regularly for at least one year, must be reverent, strictly vegetarian, disciplined, obedient, moderate in sleep and diet, already possess some degree of self-control and already possess some desire for liberation. An entrance application, entrance essays and application fee will be required of all applicants.

Topics Covered/What to Expect

During the TT, trainee Sadhakas are bound to approach the course with energy and enthusiasm. Once having taken this TT, all students are bound to practice strictly as taught. The curriculum will focus on DY Charging Practice, the new Dharma Raja Yoga Series and offering Spiritual Discourse, and will include:

  • Daily practice of DY Charging Practice, Sri Dharma Mittra’s latest all-level Asana-centric practice, and detailed exposure to its underpinnings, core elements and theory. Experiential, student teaching and assisting and adjusting elements will be included;
  • Detailed exposure to the new Dharma Raja Yoga Series, a paradigm for sharing Pranayama and meditation, including detailed breakdown, analysis and small group student teaching;
  • At least two Asana-centric classes daily, morning Pranayama/Dhyana sessions and Spiritual Discourse with Sri Dharma Mittra;
  • Every trainee will offer a five-minute discourse to the group as a whole and receive feedback and guidance from senior staff;
  • The group en masse will devote one morning, afternoon or evening to performing Karma Yoga together as a group offsite;
  • The internship component of the 700-hour DY LOAY TT towards formal certification will include daily practice of both DY Charging Practice and the Dharma Raja Yoga Series, and, for both, there will be a student teaching component.

Graduation Requirements

In order to achieve certification, you must to our satisfaction complete and submit all pre-training homework assignments, attend every session of the contact hours during the actual immersion program, achieve a passing grade on the oral exam given during the contact hours of the training, complete all of the assignments given during the training where applicable, and complete and submit all supporting documentation and assignments relating to the post-training internship. Please note that in addition to assignments in reading and writing prior to your training, you will be expected to follow a vegan diet throughout the actual training.

During the contact hours of the 700-hour DY LOAY TT, you will be exposed to the full range of classical Yogic techniques and will be expected to participate fully in all aspects of the program. The post-training internships for all programs include teaching, taking class, being observed while teaching c